Always Sunny in Starkville…. Monday Sept 9th Weather Forecast

 Hello, everyone, it’s back to the daily grind today and the start of the new work week. Hope your weekend was full of fun, despite some rather hot temperatures. We’ve got your forecast to start the work week plus a look at the tropics.


Once again, the Golden Triangle has a lot of sunshine to look forward to today. Another almost perfectly sunny day is on tap with the occasional cloud or two blocking the sun throughout the day. It’s going to be another dry day for almost all of the area, with maybe a popup isolated shower. However, the humidity is still going to be around and with temperatures in the mid 90’s for most of the day, expect it to be another day where you want to be either indoors or around a lot of water. There is going to be a very slight breeze that should at least stir the air so it doesn’t feel too oppressive. Like the past week though, it’s going to remain hot and sticky until the sun goes down. For those commuters on the way home, expect temperatures to remain well into the 90’s until at least 7PM.

For tonight, there’s not much of a change from the past week or so. Temperatures will gradually fall into the 80’s after twilight and then into the 70’s by the overnight hours. Lows will eventually fall just below the 70 degree mark, but it’s still going to remain rather humid in the overnight. The breeze will most likely vanish with the daylight, but a stray 5MPH “gust” may provide some relief from the humidity.

As for the rest of your work week, it’s going to be almost a clone of today with just very slight differences among the days. Temperatures will be in the 90’s for the majority of the late morning into late evening hours with plenty of Mississippi humidity around. During the night time, temperatures are going to fall slowly into the upper 60’s. It must be noted that an isolated shower or two that breaks up the constant sunshine is possible, but the thinking right now here is that most of the Golden Triangle will not see any rain and most areas will remain mostly sunny.

For those pleading for any kind of relief from the heat, Friday looks to break the trend from the past week. A very weak cold front will make it’s way through the Golden Triangle, bringing with it some cooler temperatures for the weekend. At this point, the front looks like it is going to be a rather dry affair, although it may provide enough spark for showers and thunderstorms to form, giving us our best chance of rain for the week. Our thinking is that one or two showers may cross the area, but once again most of the land in the Golden Triangle will remain dry. After the cold front, temperatures will not break the 90 degree mark on Saturday, instead they will be suppressed in the mid to upper 80’s.

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