A Chili Recipe for a Chilly Night

Do you get cold during the winter? Are hot cocoa and blankets not enough? Is the fire place not helping? Well I have something that just might do the trick, Chili.  My earliest memories of the winter wonder years consist of my dad’s chili. It’s pretty easy to make too! So without further a do here’s the recipe.


  • 2 lbs chili style ground beef
  • 3 cloves of garlic minced
  • 1 8 oz can tomato sauce
  • 2 1/2 Tbsp chili powder
  • 1 Tsp ground cumin
  • 1 Tsp salt
  • 1 1/2 Tsp cayenne pepper
  • 1 15 oz can kidney beans
  • 2 cups of shredded Pepperjack cheese
  • 1 bag of Tortilla chips
  • 16 oz Sour Cream

Directions: In a large pot on medium heat cook the chili meat and garlic. When the meat is brown it’s done. As is tradition, drain the fat. Next, throw that tomato sauce in. Oh and dont forget the chili powder, cumin, salt and cayenne pepper. Add more or less 2 cups of water and let that bad boy simmer for 2 hours. Check about every 30 minutes for moisture purposes. Add water if too dry. Add more spices if things aren’t tasting to your liking. At the 1hour and 45 minute mark put the kidney beans in a seperate pot and cook over medium heat to serve seperately. Serve the chili with a garnish of pepper jack cheese, a dollop of sour cream, and some tortilla chips for dunking. You won’t regret it!

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Your “It’s Almost Christmas” Weekly Outloook

Remainder of Today: Today will be nothing short of perfect. Skies will be absolutely clear allowing temperatures to peak at around 60. A gentle breeze will accompany our sunshine, but nothing that won’t stop you from enjoying this beatiful day. However, tonight you’re going to want to bundle up! Skies will remain clear allowing temps to get down into the lower 30’s.

Wednesday, Dec 18 2013: Surprise!!! Clear skies and highs in the mid-50’s. You are going to wake up to a cloudless sky and that trend should continue throughout the day. Things will be slightly cooler than the previous day, but again things are shaping up to be wonderful. As is winter tradition, your gonna want to have a jacket tomorrow night with lows being in the mid to lower 30’s.

Thursday, Dec 19 2013: Clouds will begin to roll in as you go through your Thursday. Winds will be coming from the south east and bringing with it some warmer moister air. Temps will climb into the lower sixties. There’s a slight chance of rain, but I wouldn’t place any bets. Thursday night we will continue to see that southern wind usher in warm keeping low temperature around 50.

Friday, Dec 20 2013: Grab an umbrella and rain jacket for Friday. Kick starting the day will be some patchy showers that will progress into steady shower as you move into the afternoon. Fortunately we wont be too cold, temps topping out in the upper 60’s. Winds will be slightly stronger at about 10 to 15 mph. Expect the rain to continue into Friday night and temperatures to remain warm with a low around 60.

Tuesday:  Clear. High 60 Low 30

Wednesday: Clear. High 55 Low 34

Thursday:  Mostly Cloudy. High 63 Low 51

Friday: Rain. High 67 Low 61

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Rain Friday; Cool Saturday; Colder Sunday

Today – Rain  High 66

Noon 63 . 3pm 64 . 6pm 60 . 9pm 56

A sheild of light to moderate rain this morning turning into on-off scattered showers after noon today (HRRR model below). The rain is here and not moving completely out until after midnight. Keep the rain gear handy.

For the football games tonight, don’t forget the towel to wipe down your seat in the bleachers.

HRRR model Friday 11 am – 8 pm:

Winds will really be increasing after midnight from the north at 10 – 15 mph sustained with gusts as high as 20 mph as the cold front responsible for the rain pushes through.

Saturday – Windy; Chilly; Clearing  Morning Low 46, High 53

6am 47 . 9am 48 . Noon 51 . 3pm 53 . 6pm 45 . 9pm 41

There could be a few leftover showers early, but nothing to ruin a day or cause a change of plans. The sun will return before days end.

The cold front will be really filtering in much cooler direr air.

Winds will be 15 – 20 mph sustained out of the north. Wind chills will be into the 40s all day.

Game Day in Arkansas

Those of you headed to Little Rock Saturday to watch the MSU bulldogs take on the Arkansas Razorbacks, you will need to layer up as we start the day. The sun will finally make a return to Little Rock, but at the price of it being very cold, and windy. Windchills into the 30s and low 40s are expected along with a high of 47. 4th quarter is not looking any warmer as skies will be clear, and the winds will just as strong.

Sunday – Cold Air Full Force; Clear; Windy – Morning Low 29, High 45

6am 29 . 9am 35 . Noon 42 . 3pm 45 . 6pm 38 . 9pm 35

Don’t let the sunny clear skies fool you. It will not feel as nice as it looks outside the window.

C-O-L-D! Wind chills could be as low as 20 degrees Sunday morning! Bundle up… You will thank me later.

With winds still fairly strong at 10 – 15 mph sustained the wind chills or feel like temperature won’t even get into the 40s. Burrrrr

Early Next Week

Things get very interesting. There is a possibility of snow (No accumulation) as this cold air mass already in place and moisture from the gulf rides over that cold air mass. Regardless of any snow flakes falling or any winter precipitation there could be a lot of rain.

We are still many days out and its way to early to know for certain how much rain we will get and how long it will last.  It is looking like Wednesday the busiest travel day across the county will be a soaker across much of The South. Areas further north of us have a better chance of seeing winter precipitation on Wednesday.

So again, this snow potential is nothing to worry about and there’s no need to panic or prepare for anything….just be abreast of any weather changes through the weekend!

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All’s Fair in Football… Unless There’s Weather

It’s the end of the NCAA football season and we are approaching two of the most exciting football games known to college football. These two rivalries are long-lasting and their “bowl” games are the perfect way to end your Thanksgiving weekend on the couch after having too much turkey. In the SEC, our bird-day bowl games are fought between MSU vs. Ole Miss in the Egg Bowl and Auburn vs. Bama in the Iron Bowl. If your team wins, you have bragging rights for an entire year. With such high stakes, nothing can be left unscathed as far as analyzing the two teams and the game day location.

Normally; when two teams play each other, fans, on-air sports analyzers, coaches, and teammates predict the outcome of a game based on tactics, skill, and certain advantages and disadvantages. On a rare occasion, they might consider how drastically the weather can change their team’s performance. However, the outcome of one particular Iron Bowl and Egg Bowl were dependent on the weather that day.

This bowl is also known as the Immaculate Deflection, or the Wind Bowl. Imagine you’re sitting in Jackson, Mississippi at Veteran’s Memorial Stadium wearing your maroon and white and ringing your cowbell as hard as you can. There’s 24 seconds left on the clock and freshman kicker, Artie Cosby, has a chance to win the game with a 27-yard field goal. Artie kicks, the ball is up, it looks good, but suddenly the ball is blown by a 40 mph wind gust as it approaches the goal posts. This gust of wind suspends the ball mid-air, causing it to fall short of the goal post. At this point you’re probably about ready to throw your cowbell at Mother Nature. Well, this is a prime example of how the weather can affect one of the biggest games for SEC fans of the year.

Let’s switch gears a bit here to the 1967 Iron bowl, also known as the Run in the Mud… You’re now dressed in blue and orange or crimson and white. Whichever you choose is at your own discretion. Now you’re sitting at Legion Field in Birmingham, Alabama. Your rain gear is soaked and the field is an old-fashioned grass field. Before you know it, that field has become one ridiculous muddy mess. Bama is down 3-0 and time is running out. The next thing you know, you’re watching Kenny “Snake” Stabler run down the field for a 47-yard touchdown winning the game for the tide! Auburn fans claim that he “slipped” loose from Auburn defenders to make his run.

This year the Egg Bowl takes place on Thanksgiving night at Davis Wade Stadium. The Iron Bowl will be played Saturday afternoon at Jordan-Hare. Thanksgiving may have brought you and your family together, but a house divided in one of these games can be enough to put you at each other’s throats for a few hours. Get ready to eat your body weight in food, wear your team colors (I prefer maroon and white), and scream your face off at the field or in front of the big screen!


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Make Winter a Cheap Date! 5 Money $aving Winter Preparation Tips.

It’s late November and things are starting to get pretty frigid. Leaves are changing and Christmas decorations are starting to make an appearance. Y’all know what that means, the wonderful winter season is upon us. But with most good things, there is bound to be some cons. During winter, our bills seem to sky rocket; fortunately for you I’m here to provide you with some money saving tips.

1.) Wrap your pipes and allow faucets to slightly dripping

During the winter, of the main concerns as a home owner is making sure your pipes do not freeze. If they freeze, the water can expand causing significant damage. To prevent this, simply wrap your pipes. This will provide a form of insulation allowing for pipes to survive freezing temperatures. Another trick is to turn faucets on so they slightly drip. A flowing stream of water does not freeze as easily as standing water.

2.) Flip the switch on your overhead fan.

This is a pretty easy and useful trick. During the winter simply flip the switch on your overhead fan. This will change the direction of the rotation of fan causing the air to be forced downward. Warm air rises, so switching the rotation direction will allow you to bask in your houses heat.

3.) Seal windows and doors.

Keeping heat in your house is of the utmost importance. This entails making sure everything is sealed air tight. Check doors and windows to make sure the caulking surrounding them is air tight. Cool drafts can make their way through prompting for an increase in heater use. If any imperfections exist simply caulk them and that should trap the heat.

4.) Mulch your lawn.

We all know the struggle of having a hideous looking yard as we transition from winter into spring. One way to prevent  having to spend copious amounts of money during this time is to mulch your yard. Adding mulch to your yard provides nutrients to the grass that they can’t get during the winter. This can little hint can save you bookoos and bookoos of money

5.) Clean the Gutters.

Cleaning the gutters ensures that following a winter event, such as freezing rain or snow ,minimal exterior damage will be sustained. If the gutters are congested with leaves and branches the ice will rest causing gutters to break and lead to potentially costly damages.

Winter can truly be a perfect wonderland! Just prepare for it.

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Thursday Morning Forecast Videos

Rachael Kroot

Shelby Latino

Cody Nickel

Meaghan Thomas

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When is our next chance for rain?

It’s a cloudy start to your Thursday, which might have you wondering about rain chances.  While we’re looking to stay mostly dry for today, you should get out and enjoy the weather while you can.  The rest of our week has the potential to be a wet one.  First, we have a cold front working its way into the area.  This heightens our rain chances for Friday night and Saturday.  Sunday will be the nicest day of your weekend, followed shortly by another low pressure system to our south.  This second system will cut our sunshine short, bringing rain back into the picture on Monday and Tuesday.  Here’s a look at your 5 day forecast…



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